About the Author

Julie Ann MacCulloch resides in Auckland, New Zealand. She first started writing Lucy Lavender and the Topiary City many years ago while living on Waiheke Island in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf. Often referred to as simply ‘the island’ it is home to an eclectic mix of musicians, artists, writers, vintners and alternative life stylers. It was here, while raising her daughter that she was inspired to write Lucy Lavender. She is currently working on her second book.

The author

“Remembering back to when I was about 9, my mum and five siblings lived in a big four storeyed house surrounded by magnificent gardens. There were roses growing over arbours, garden beds of roses, a glass house full of interesting seedlings, and behind the house—a place we called ‘the forest.’

The forest was full of gigantic native trees—totara, kauri, and puriri with ponga-log edged paths tracking through silver ferns. At night you could hear the resident owl hooting, and in the morning—the deafening sound of bird song.

At the front of the house leading off a circular driveway were some flagstone steps. Quite often I’d sit on those steps and think about stuff. On each side of the steps, standing like two exclamation marks punched into the earth were two plants that had been flat-topped.

They were striking looking specimens, bees went crazy in their spikey foliage and they smelled different, not sweet like most flowers, but fresh.

One day I asked my mum what the plant was … “lavender,” she replied. The sights, sounds, and smells of that garden were one of the happiest times in my life. That is why I wrote this book.”

J. A. MacCulloch

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