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‘Well, it seems like a good idea Papa,’ said Lucy hesitantly. ‘But those are your dreams, they’re not mine. I don’t share your vision and I don’t need any cut flowers!’
‘But why not Lucy?’ asked Yodel.
‘Because,’ she explained, ‘we have been farmers for many years - this we know. But we don’t know anything about fruit trees or flowers. This is dry land, and even the poorest farmer knows that nothing can ever survive without...’
‘Yes Lucy,’ said Yodel, listening intently.
‘...without water, Papa,’ said Lucy, uneasily.
~ Excerpt from Lucy Lavender and the Topiary City

Lucy Lavender is the lavender girl from the Village Auld. A place where people have plant personas, and plants have people personas. When a relentless drought brings about a shortage of water, village life is changed forever. Falsely accused of a crime she did not commit, Lucy must learn The Art and fulfill her role as the caretaker of all living things to bring her accusers to justice.

It is a dry land where sunflowers thrive but even sunflowers are struggling to survive a drought. Enter Lucy Lavender who lives a carefree existence where her family live off the land producing lavender. When Lucy’s father Yodel, dreams a dream to start a fruit farm, the seeds of greed are sown. The success of the fruit farm soon attracts the attention of Lucy’s cousin, the ambitious and ruthless Santolina.

Santolina quickly seizes control of Yodel’s mind, the village and its people. But without sufficient water, the fruit farm is doomed to fail. Lucy’s life is changed forever when she is falsely accused by Santolina of starting a fire that razes the village to the ground. In that fire, her father Yodel, perishes.

Lucy escapes the village but with the lavender gone, Lucy’s spirit—her mauve—is diminished. Lucy mourns her beloved father’s death, but unbeknown to her, the spirit of lavender has passed from Yodel to her - from father to daughter. So repair her broken spirit and rebuild her strength to save all lavender, she must. With the help of her friends Bungee and Harley, she starts anew—learning new skills including something called The Art.

Set to return to the village, Lucy meets Budwin, a dishevelled servant of the Queen of Roses. When Budwin tells his story of the Queen’s disappearance, a strange woman who hungers for water and the arrival of strange lilies, the trio agree to head to the wasteland headquarters of the Arum King. There, they find the Queen and attempt to return her to her land.

But meanwhile, Santolina has been putting plans into action. With the help of her designer friend Figgo, she has destroyed Cracklewood (the Queen’s cottage), taken ownership of her land, and the water contained thereon, and set the villagers to work; building the oppressive Topiary City, and for herself—a magnificent palace.

Soon, Lucy finds herself in a windowless room held captive in the Topiary City and about to be beheaded as she is still Wanted as the firestarter who razed the village to the ground. To prove her innocence, she must reunite with her friends Bungee and Harley, negate the maze that surrounds Santolina’s palace and the creatures within it, and bring Santolina to justice.

Welcome to Lucy Lavender’s planted world filled with sunflowers, roses, lilies, impatiens, a stoneboy, mad mascots, and much, much, more...

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